Fire in the Pie Hole

I spent a summer working in an outdoor drama in Maryland. The money wasn’t very good, but I got to swing a sword and threaten the good guys. It’s also the summer I learned that a can of kerosene could be a cheap and remarkably effective way to pass the time.
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Bozophobia Ready to Launch

Bozophobia is a candidate in the Kindle Scout Program.

Ever want to launch a clown into space?
Here’s your chance.

My new novel Bozophobia is about the woman of one clown’s dreams who may have murder in her heart.

You can nominate Bozophobia for publication on Amazon as a Kindle ebook and send this comic crime romance tearing through the ether.

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Pacifying These Mean Streets – Part Two

New York (8/1/17) – This is the juicy part. The answer to that burning question from Part One: what did happen to all the selfies I was taking with the abandoned baby pacifiers? Continue reading “Pacifying These Mean Streets – Part Two”

Pacifying These Mean Streets – Part One

New York (7/29/17) – The last few jobs I’ve had here in the City have allowed me to walk to and from work. I’ve traipsed all over the upper parts of Manhattan, from the 90s on both east and west side all the way down to the 40s.  During these walks, I took notice of a peculiar sort of creature haunting the urban landscape. As I think back, I may have spotted the odd little beasties even before that time. But over the preceding few years, I became keenly aware of these unusual varmints. The sightings were always random. I never knew where I might encounter one. They could appear just about anywhere, day or night. In parks, on sidewalks, along street curbs, at bus stops, or perched on walls. I became serious about seeking them out.  It was, as far as I know, both a harmless and an uncommon pursuit. I don’t know of any other city dweller stalking this particular prey. Nor has anyone ever joined me to observe and chronicle this special metropolitan species on these mean streets.

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