Fire in the Pie Hole

I spent a summer working in an outdoor drama in Maryland. The money wasn’t very good, but I got to swing a sword and threaten the good guys. It’s also the summer I learned that a can of kerosene could be a cheap and remarkably effective way to pass the time.
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For a limited time – read “Bozophobia” for free.

As thanks for everyone’s support in the Kindle Scout campaign, I’ve put Bozophobia up on a free reading site called Inkitt. Continue reading “For a limited time – read “Bozophobia” for free.”

Bozophobia Ready to Launch

Bozophobia is a candidate in the Kindle Scout Program.

Ever want to launch a clown into space?
Here’s your chance.

My new novel Bozophobia is about the woman of one clown’s dreams who may have murder in her heart.

You can nominate Bozophobia for publication on Amazon as a Kindle ebook and send this comic crime romance tearing through the ether.

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